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Multi-Gyn FemiWash

Multi-Gyn FemiWash
  • Multi-Gyn FemiWash
Multi-Gyn FemiWash

Multi-Gyn FemiWash, for a gentle and soap-free intimate hygiene. Natural and non-irritating. Protects and optimizes vaginal tissue and flora. It achieves very smooth and effective cleaning. Soap-free, without perfumes or preservatives. Concentrated foam. cleans very softly and effectively without disturbing the vagina's natural defense system.

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Multi-Gyn FemiWash is a soap-free, very practical product with natural conditioning components of the skin that protects and keeps healthy tissues. The foaming effect is produced by the special dispensing bottle cap. As a firm foam (mousse) the product is placed on the hand and easily spreads over the desired area. It is applied directly onto the area as a mousse and then removed with water: this results in more effective hygiene.

Multi-Gyn FemiWash, ideal and safe product to wash the intimate area. Contains no irritants such as preservatives and perfumes. Multi-Gyn FemiWash is an acidic liquid by the addition of lactic acid, a natural substance in the human body. This sets in and increases vaginal acidity. The growth of Lactobacilli is stimulated and thus the vaginal flora is benefited.

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