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Tonosol Appetite

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Tonosol Appetite
Tonosol Appetite

Tonosol Appetite, formula developed with Vitamins and Minerals indicated for the normal growth of children, being specifically enriched with green oats and fenugreek which contribute to stimulate the appetite. T

TONOSOL APETITE presents unique ingredients guaranteeing a superior formula:

• Green Oats - improves appetite, benefits digestion and promotes the body's detoxification processes.

• Fenugreek - contributes to appetite.

• BIO Prebiotics - INAVEA ™ PURE ACACIA ORIGINAL Acacia Fibers, from organic farming and with high digestive tolerance.

• Fresh Royal Jelly

• Sugar Free Formula

• Orange flavor

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150 ml



Instructions for use

3 to 6 years: 5ml, once a day
Over 6 years, teenagers and adults: 10 ml, once a day

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