Bexident Teeth Sensitive Mouthwash

Bexident Sensitive Teeth 250ml mouthwash, is a product indicated in the reduction of the dental sensitivity, contributing to reduce the discomfort to external stimuli like for example cold foods. It also helps in the mineralization of teeth thanks to the presence of fluoride and also has an antiseptic and antiplaque action thanks to Triclosan.

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250 mL.


How to use

Fill the measuring cup to the marked line (15mL) and undiluted cheek 3 times a day for 30-60 seconds.



Thanks to its Dual Desensitizing Tech® technology, it has a dental sensitivity reduction action based on the combination of potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride, eliminating discomfort from external stimuli. Its innovative formula provides a promising action of mineralization (sodium fluoride), antiseptic and antiplaque (triclosan). Its restorative and tonifying ingredients (Dexpanthenol and Allantoin) help keep gums in good condition. Prolonged action thanks to its bioadhesive excipient. No alcohol.



Do not ingest
Avoid eating food or liquids during the next half hour.

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Tipo de ProdutoMouthwash
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