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These conditions are agreed between Barreiros & Anacleto, lda, established at Rua Rogério Figueiroa Rego, No. 158 2565-814 Turcifal, hereinafter referred to as "Turcifal Pharmacy" and between any person wishing to make a purchase through the Pharmacy Site .com, telephone 00351 261951104, mail, e-mail and fax, hereinafter referred to as "User".

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All orders must be made at farmaciaturcifalense.com or via fax or e-mail. If you want the order to be delivered in its entirety, indicate it, otherwise we will deliver it according to the availability of the products. You should mention when ordering if you want to pick up the merchandise that is included in the order, or sent by the carrier.

In case the customer wishes to pick up the merchandise, he must do so within 5 working days of the date of order, after which time the Pharmacy Turcifalense may consider the order without effect.

Opening hours: 9am to 8pm. Monday to Friday, Saturday from 9 to 13 hours.


The sales prices charged will be those contained in the farmaciaturcifalense.com page, safeguarding any typographical error. Considering that prices on the market for health, beauty and wellness products are constantly changing, prices will always be the same as those on the order.

All products can suffer from stock disruptions, so Pharmacy Turcifalense (Barreiros & Anacleto, Lda) can cancel the customer's order in case the product suffers a stock break in excess of 5 days.

The withdrawals at the Pharmacy need confirmation of stock existence by the commercial department of Barreiros & Anacleto, lda.


The merchandise will only be delivered, by its payment, by ATM, transfer or cash according to the conditions agreed and expressed in the order.

All orders with a value higher than 150.00 € (one hundred and fifty euros), have the obligation of prepayment (transfer, ATM or cash), and after confirmation of payment the order will be sent to the customer.

Property reservation

The ownership of the products supplied by Barreiros & Anacleto, lda will only be transmitted to the customer after having paid the respective price in full.

If the value corresponding to the supply of the products is paid by bank check, it is understood that its price is only fully paid after the respective check obtains a good payment.


In case the customer does not pay the price on the respective maturity date, Barreiros & Anacleto will have the right to demand interest for late payment until full payment.

The Client shall also, in case of default, pay to Barreiros & Anacleto, lda the expenses and charges arising from the judicial collection of the debt, including the fees due to Lawyer.

Transport / Delivery

Delivery of the goods purchased after the invoice has been issued within a maximum period of 48 Hours (Continental Portugal), if the order and the respective payment are received until 12.00 am in the case of products available in stock, if they are not available, the delivery date is defined by mutual agreement between the commercial department and the customer

Shipments will be made by CTT Expresso or Ctt (option available at the time of purchase).

The prices can be altered without prior warning.

The client can take care of the transport and for this it is necessary to warn in the order of the order in the field of comments and to put up survey in the Pharmacy.

We do not sell prescription drugs online.

What do you do when you receive the merchandise?

Count the volumes and verify that this number coincides with the number indicated on the invoice; Check the good exterior appearance of the merchandise.

In the event of any externally visible damage to the goods, the customer must refuse to receive the volume (s) in question and immediately communicate, by fax, that fact to Barreiros & Anacleto, lda through 00351 261951104 or through E-mail: [email protected]

In the case of RMA, the return will be on behalf of the customer and the respective shipment will be on behalf of Barreiros & Anacleto, lda.


For the return of the product, the customer must confirm the return with the commercial department of Barreiros & Anacleto, lda and the costs of the shipping charges are borne by the customer (the product travels under the responsibility of the customer).

In the event that the responsibility for the return is from Barreiros & Anacleto, lda will have no cost to the customer.


The products marketed by the website of farmaciciaturcifalense.com, in most cases run for expiration dates, the products with guarantees have the same mention on the page of said product.

In the event of stock breach and based on the current table, it may be proposed to exchange for another similar product upon payment of the


If neither of these is feasible the product will be sent to the manufacturer. In this case the repair / replacement period will be the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Applicable law and jurisdiction pact.

These general conditions of commercialization and eventual clauses complemented inserted in specific contracts of supply, are governed by the Portuguese private law, whether it refers to national or international transactions.

For all disputes arising out of any supply made, the parties choose the one outside the Torres Vedras region, with express waiver of any other.

Right of withdrawal of the contract

In accordance with legislation, namely Decree-Law no. 143/2001, as amended by Decree-Law no. 82/2008, in contracts concluded at a distance the consumer has a period of 15 days to terminate the contract without payment of indemnification and without having to indicate the reason (Article 6). The term is counted from the date of receipt of the good by the client.

The customer can freely resolve the purchase agreement entered into with Barreiros & Anacleto, lda through its OnLine farmaciaturcifalense.com Website, provided that the products purchased are returned, under the conditions of use in which they were at the time of purchase:

For this purpose, you should contact us by phone 00351 261951104 or to [email protected]

The return, exchange, note of credit note or refund of the amount paid, will be made in the terms and in date to be combined. You should always return the products in their original packaging, with all accessories and their invoice / purchase receipt.

The information regarding the right of withdrawal of the contract by the consumer is described in detail in Decree-Law no. 143/2001.

General conditions

These general conditions of sale are regularly sent to all customers of Barreiros & Anacleto, lda. The fact that the customer did not receive the present general conditions of sale in their language of origin, does not rule out the application of the same.Reserved Barreiros & Anacleto, lda, the right to accept the customer under the above conditions or in turn indicate the required conditions.

All referenced values ​​include the VAT at the legal rate in force.


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